My overall favorite license plate:

1959 Wisconsin Heavy Truck License Plate

My other favorites:

License Plate from Nikšić, Montenegro
License plate from the city of Nikšić, Montenegro, which is where my last name is from
2001 Wisconsin Tractor License Plate
The only tractor plate ever issued in the state of Wisconsin with my ALPCA number on it
2020 Iowa Trailer License Plate
Trailer license plate with my initials on it

Other plates on my favorites wall that aren't necessarily favorites, but are there for representation of who I am, particularly interesting plates, etc:

1949 Mississippi Private Trailer License Plate
A 1949 Mississippi private trailer plate in amazing condition; this is the most expensive plate I own, costing me $65.

Most of my favorites wall plates aren't photographed yet so this list is not exhaustive.

Created October 1, 2023.